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The Ultimate Reflector Kit (all three)


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    When we reflect on photo lighting, we often wish there were two (or more!) suns, so the whole earth would be bathed in even light shining just where we want it every time.

    But there’s only one sun ... so, we created the Ultimate Reflector Kit. FIFTEEN light reflector/blocker/diffusers in one complete kit.

    Three collapsible reflectors in small circle, medium circle, and big ol’ oval with 5 changeable rearrangeable surfaces each - silver, gold, black, white and translucent.

    Use the smallest circle in white to even out your next product shoot for that Etsy listing. Grab the middlest circle in gold to add a glowy touch to your next portrait, or the big oval in black to throw some shade (in a nice way) over that overly sunny #OOTD.

    It’s the perfect kit for beginning your journey in to the world of reflectology, or a nice set to build up the repertoire of a light bouncing pro. And, it’s a heckuva lot easier than modifying our solar system.

    • Three reflectors perfect for subjects of all sizes
    • Be prepared in any light with five surfaces each
    • Bounce light just where you need it
    • The simplest way to light your photos while out and about
    • Experiment your way into the world of lighting
    • Kit includes 24” Circle, 32” Circle and 36” x 48” Oval
    • Zip on/off the cover in Gold, Silver, Black and White, or go with Translucent
    • More of a Phoneographer? Grab a Pocket Reflector
  • FAQ

    Hold up. Why do I need a reflector?

    A reflector is the easiest, most basic way to add light to a photo. You can bounce light you already have available onto just the right part of your photo to make it look its very best. The sun isn't always where you'd like it, but your reflector can be!

    So when should I use a reflector?

    The most common uses for reflectors are shooting portraits and product photography, but you can use it in any situation where you're looking for more even lighting. Since flashes and direct sunlight can be way harsh, a reflector is a good way to add softer light.

    Why the heck do I need all these surfaces?

    The different surfaces reflect light differently. Your five options (available in each size) are: Silver - Shines the brightest spotlight-like light up at your subject Gold - Creates a much warmer light, perfect for dreamy portraits in sunset hues White - A bit softer than silver, white bounces back light without changing the tone Black - Best for blocking light. Need a shadow? Black’s got you covered Translucent - Bounces back super soft light and also good for creating soft shadows

    OooOooh! Cool. So how do I use it?

    For the brightest light get that reflector as close to your subject as you can without having the reflector in your shot. Back the reflector away for softer light that covers a larger area. Move it around till it looks just right. One of the best things about the light coming off a reflector is that its constant, so you can set it up carefully before snapping that pic.

    Wait. Where do I hold it exactly?

    While we whole-heartedly recommend the guess and check method (hold it anywhere, takes some shots, move it around till it looks great), a good place to start is directly opposite your main (a.k.a. brightest) light source. If the sun is behind your subject, hold the reflector in front. Got a window to the left? Hold the Pocket Reflector on the right.

    How does one disc have five surfaces? I’m no geometry wiz but something doesn’t add up.

    The secret is in the reversible cover! The inner disc is translucent (surface 1) but it comes with a zip-on cover that’s black on one side, white on the other (surfaces 2 and 3). You can unzip the cover, turn it inside out and zip it back on for gold on one side, silver on the other (4 and 5). Ta-dah!

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