Lens Pillow

A plush lens with amazing handmade detail. Go ahead and give it a squeeze.


Nikon Lens Pillow


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    We love our cameras so much we just want to squeeze them! We'll love them and snuggle them and ... oops. We just shattered our best prime lens.

    Squeeze these Lens Pillows instead! They're 100% hand-made and detailed to resemble your lens to a T.

    Not only do these pillows look like your favorite hunk of glass, but they can absorb even the toughest of camera love. Each one is made with soft fleece and felt. We've even been told that they're pre-hugged by team of koalas to ensure maximum huggability!

    Did we mention the *amazing* detail? Each Lens Pillow features hand-embroidered details including F-stops and filter size. There's even a wee auto-focus switch!

    Your photo friends will be super jealous. And lonely at night.

    • Limited edition of 100!
    • Awesomely detailed hand-embroidery: F-stops, AF/MF switch etc.
    • Available in "Canon & Nikon"!
    • Handmade with soft felt and fleece
    • Fantastic gift for camera lovers
    • 8" x 8" x 7" -- the perfect size for hugging

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