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The Camalapse Mobile

Take the fuss out of panning timelapses


The Camalapse Mobile


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    Have you ever tried making a smooth panning timelapse video? Did you try holding your camera with superhuman steadiness or maybe even bribing a turtle with a fancy artisanal salad?

    We've got an alternative for everyone who's out of arugula: presenting the Camalapse, a simple rotating stand for your phone or camera that helps you take pro-quality 360° timelapse videos.

    The Camalapse's intuitive design makes it easy to use. Simply attach your camera (up to 5lbs!) or your camera phone (be sure to pick up a Camalapse Mobile), then point your lens where you want it to end up, twist, and start your cam. It rotates 90° in fifteen minutes, so it'll do a full 360° in an hour with no batteries required.

    Mount the Camalapse to a tripod and take it anywhere. Capture all the action at the best party ever or watch the city's skyline sparkle at night. Speed up your video on your phone with an app or your favorite desktop editor. Check out the Timelapse Tips tab above for all your timelapse video needs!

    The next time someone oohs and ahhs over your panning timelapses, you can let them in on your secret ... or just point them to the nearest pet shop, and hope there's a farmers' market nearby.

    Works Great With...
    • Slow rotating stand for panning timelapses
    • Rotates 360° in 60 minutes
    • No batteries needed
    • Small, portable, mounts on a tripod
    • Camalapse holds any camera up to 5 lbs. with a tripod mount
    • Camalapse Mobile sports a clamp that holds onto phones up to 15mm thick with or without a case, (doesn't mount on a tripod)
    • Take panning timelapses anywhere
  • Timelapse Tips

    Looking for tips on taking timelapses? We can help you out.

    Taking a timelapse with an app

    Motion Pics (iOS). This app takes a nuts-and-bolts approach. It lets you specify a bunch of settings like:

    • The number of frames
    • Seconds to wait between frames
    • Video playback frame rate
    • Based on what you put in, it tells you how long your final movie's going to be. Just frame up your shot and hit Record.

    Lapse It (iOs and Android). Make a few decisions and you're ready to go:

    • Set your capture interval
    • Choose camera resolution (up to 1080p in the paid version)
    • You can even adjust exposure, focus, white balance and flash
    • Capture that video

    Taking a timelapse without an app

    If you're using a camera without an app, here's the general idea:

    1. Put your camera in video mode.
    2. Set it up and record for however long you want.
    3. Export your footage to an editing program like iMovie (for Mac) or Windows Movie Maker (for PC).
    4. Use your editing program to speed the video up.
    5. Show off your amazing new timelapse video

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